It’s more than just a vision for the future

Tyton NC Biofuels is an ethanol biorefinery located in Raeford, North Carolina. It is a strategic partner of Tyton BioEnergy Systems and together the companies intend to showcase the use of energy tobacco as a feedstock for ethanol production with minimal modification in a corn dry mill ethanol facility.

Originally completed in 2010, the ethanol biorefinery is in an ideal location to serve the East Coast and international ethanol markets with access to markets via truck and rail as well as regional deepwater ports. This agricultural region has a rich tobacco history and abundant feedstock opportunities, coupled with strong demand for its animal feed to support the local poultry and hog industries.

Transitioning a First Generation Plant from Corn to Energy Tobacco

Tyton NC Biofuels will initially start its operations using corn as the primary feedstock and it will transition to Tyton energy tobacco as more acreage is placed under cultivation. The biorefinery will demonstrate to the existing ethanol industry the favorable economics that result from the use of Tyton energy tobacco derived sugars, and demonstrate to farmers the opportunity in growing Tyton energy tobacco.